Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Chicken Open House a Washout!

The coop was scrubbed from top (yes, even the roof) to bottom, the girls were given lessons in deportment, the yard was lush with green grass and purple phlox and the chicken cookies were made.  And then the rains came... From 6:00 Saturday morning through the rest of the day it poured. Between a couple of friends, the very loyal neighborhood kids from across the street and a mother and son from over the hill we still had a great day giving tours, explaining where those eggs really come from, and answering all manner of questions as we stood out in the rain. The hens, with their well documented lack of common sense, wanted to be part of everything and spent much of the day out in the rain. The tent tarp blew down so we abandoned any attempt at setting up our reference table and egg raffle (sorry, Beverly Bootstraps...). Needless to say, all visits from chicks, young and oldish, were cancelled. Too cold for the little ones anyway.

Naomi and I have learned that next year there will definitely be a rain date and I commit to better publicity and more organization. That will give us two chances to be rained out in one weekend! We'll also move the date back into May so folks will have more time to get their paperwork over to the Beverly Board of Health before their summer meeting break and while chicks are still coming in at the Danvers Agway.

It was still a very good day...Thanks, girls!