Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Girls Go To School!

Many thanks to Peter Dickman of the Harborlight-Stoneridge Montessori School in Beverly for arranging to have me speak to two classes in the lower elementary program today. What a wonderful time I had sharing stories of my girls with the students who have been raising their own chicks this spring. They taught me a few things and asked some great questions (I'll have to brush up on my facts if they ask me back!). Who knows how many feathers a chicken has?? I certainly don't but I'm going to find out!

Millie and Lottie were on their best behavior and Millie graciously posed for pictures with most of the students who wanted to either pet or hold her. She was a good sport and helped allay the fears of more than one student.

Kids at this age (grades 1-3) are so interested in their world and the magic of new life that I felt privileged to be part of their learning experience raising chicks. And I couldn't be happier having 5 two week old chicks as overnight guests before they move to my daughter's in Middleton. Ah, what I wouldn't give to be adding a few to my flock!

When I brought back the chicken (well, really a rabbit) cage and left it out in the backyard it became an instant attraction and I sensed that other hens would  be interested in showing off if the opportunity should arise.
I believe they are practicing their stage entrance and exits!
Thanks again, Harborlight-Stoneridge Montessori for inviting me and the girls!