Sunday, April 26, 2009

Chicken Open House! May 2, 2009

With the promise of spring in Beverly it's time to open the coop and let the neighbors in! So on Saturday, May 2, from noon to 3:00 there will be a Chicken Open House at 10 Harrison Ave. Stop in and meet the girls, tour the coop, and learn what it takes to raise hens in Beverly. Bring the family as the girls will be out in the yard and at least a couple of them like to be petted. But if you have a dog, please leave it at home -the hens scare easily.

If things work out as planned by Saturday there will be 2 more chicks in the family, still to be named. The local Agway is getting a shipment of chicks on Wednesday and I plan to be there to pick out 6, the smallest number they will sell. Fortunately, one of my kids lives close by and also has chickens so she will take 4 though all 6 will be here at least through the Open House. All I know is that the chicks will all be different (or at least 2 will be!) so I can tell them apart. We're still working on names and hope to have them by the time the chicks arrive.

So, if you are in Beverly on Saturday, please stop in and meet the chickens!


Sandy said...

Sue, it was an absolute pleasure to meet you and your wonderful chickens yesterday! They are amazing and you have done even more amazing things with them. I am impressed!
I'm still not sure if I will be able to have chickens so in the meantime, I will dream of them! haha.
Sandy Hurley
(papergirl Bethany's mom)

Sue Lupo said...

Sandy, the feeling is mutual! It was great to meet 'Bethany's Mom' after all these years and now that you know how close we are, come on up and visit the girls anytime for some inspiration!

arif said...

Name: Chicken

The comments are really helpful to all of us. I much amazed to listen the chickens.