Friday, May 27, 2011

*** Chicken Open House CANCELLED ***

All this spring, as my hip replacement surgery date got closer, I told myself and everyone else that the 3rd Annual Chicken Open House would indeed take place on June 4, a mere 17 days post-op. I wanted that date as the Astyk-Woods family was coming for a visit and they've been an integral part of the event the past two years in part for the knowledge and experience they bring as farmers and also because the grand-kids have a great time.

But now, the reality of healing from surgery is here and I find that as well as I'm doing, there is just no way for me to be prepared in a week to host this event. It's more energy and physical capability than I have to prepare the coop, ready the yard, gather the materials, get new chicks, setup advertising, and then stand or even sit for 3 hours. It is also not fair to my partner, Naomi, to ask her to do even more than she is doing to help me.

I have overestimated my abilities and so with sadness the event is being canceled this year. I'm not even going to expand our flock from 4 to 6 until next spring as I won't be back to full activities until later this summer. Right now, I need to concentrate on getting better, with a larger dose of reality!

For those of you who planned on coming please send me an e-mail ( and let's try to coordinate a visit after mid-June. I should be feeling much better by then and navigating the lumpy backyard will be a lot easier!

I haven't told the girls yet that the Open House is canceled...right now they are being 'lovingly' cared for by Naomi; she is the surrogate parent who provides food and water and occasional yard access (as long as it's close to dark so they go to bed on their own!). But she's out there talking to them regularly, explaining the reality of care to them and so far there have been no revolts yet! (-:

Meanwhile, I hope some of you will be getting chicks this spring (Danvers Agway has the last shipment on June 1) and enjoy the pleasure and bounty these fine animals can provide!


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