Sunday, October 26, 2014

October 2014 – The Blog is Back!

After a busy couple of years where life got in the way, I’m back trying to revive this blog with regular postings. As a bit of catch-up – After Delores passed a couple of years ago we hunkered down with the remaining 3 hens – Flora, Gertrude, and Hazel.  As the girls have aged egg production has dropped off and most of this year only Hazel has laid. The desire to expand the flock to the allowed 6 hens was there but the travel for work made this impossible. Now that I am retired (hooray!) and only doing some part time work I’ve got the time to expand the flock and my involvement in their lives (with some enhancements I hope!). You’d think I would have been able to post regularly once we got chicks but it was just too nice outside to spend time behind the computer! So here goes, everything all at once, for the most part…..

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